Saving Photos

Google Photo Scan

I’ve come across an app that Google has launched.  It was created by a man who wanted to scan in old pictures for his friends and family.  Since I have tried to simply take a picture of an old picture, sometimes they come out fine.  It seems like the biggest strength of the PhotoScan app is that it clearly makes a copy for you and share it with others. There is also a great “how to do” list on a PC Magazine article, “25 Tricks to Master Google Photos”.  This is referring the main Google Photo storage you may use that is linked to the PhotoScan app.

Has anyone tried this yet?  Let me know your feedback!

Anxiety: Is it in your family?

Came across an interesting tidbit on about some studies of anxiety running in families (LINKED HERE).  Although many relatives are loathe to admit histories of mental illness in families, I do believe this to be true.  There are several people in my extended family who have had their personal struggles with depression and anxiety, as well as some within the family tree.  However, many people are embarrassed to admit seeing signs in their elders or in passing this type of information down.  Personally, I think it could help the next generation to notice any signs that occur and get help sooner.  What are your thoughts?

Friends ARE Family!!

I noticed an article on an interesting research on genetic similarities among friends, on (see HERE).  It states that most friends “shared about one percent of their genome – about as related as fourth cousins. Most often, friends shared genes related to sense of smell, the authors found.”  Wow, so friends really are family!! It’s a pretty interesting concept.  I wonder how we would instinctively know, if these facts and figures are correct that is.  Have you ever tried researching any of your friends’ genealogies?  This could be a fun side project!

Share with Your Kids! It’s a Good Thing!

Not surprisingly, an article I just came across on The Atlantic’s website extols the virtues of sharing family stories with children.  See link HERE.  Some themes that arise:

*Kids learn to empathize with the emotions of others

*Kids learn the skill of storytelling

*They may develop higher self-esteem and self-awareness

*Lower rates of depression and anxiety

I personally do not have any children yet, but I do recall many stories from my family during our get-togethers.  These anecdotes seem to me to create a sense of community and laughter and unite the family together.  Who doesn’t love a “Remember when?” with everyone sitting around the table?

What stories do you share with your kids?  Are you honest in your tales?

Preserving Family Photos

My Second Great Grandfather, Benedict Brown. I inadvertently caused the spots at the bottom of the photo!

I came across a short video clip on about preserving your photos (see it here).  I know firsthand how important it is to be careful with old photos.

I was once going through some photographs and found one of my second great-grandfather.  When I picked up the picture, I inadvertently placed my thumb on the front directly on his face and poof, my fingerprint was left behind!!  Needless to say, I learned my lesson about handling old photographs very carefully.

Which brings me back to my original premise, preservation of memorabilia.  Personally, I like to scan in any old photos I come across into the computer.  I also backup all my files on an external hard drive, since I have also had a computer go kaput!!

What tips do you have to preserve your photos or any items of interest??